"There's a great atmosphere at the Club.  Very welcoming and safe environment for everyone"

— D.M.

"I love the space when there's live music.  Even when there are a lot of people in the Club, there's always room to dance without feeling squashed or claustrophobic"

— S.T.


"The Hall at the Club is such a good space for large events - we went to Dave Dobbyn in the hall and the atmosphere was awesome.  Everyone was having a great time!"

— D.W.


"I just love having a laugh with the bar staff - they're a really good bunch of people

— L.G.

“It's just a great space..... And plenty to do with the main bar, or lounge bar if you feel like a quiet drink, gaming machines and a TAB if you like a punt - as well as pool tables and darts"

— M.L.


“I just always feel safe.... I can't tell you why, it's just something about the place - I can even bring the kids along without a drama.  I know that doesn't sound like much but you need places where we can take the kids when we go out for a meal"

— L.I.

“We just love the Club.  It's great to be a member and be able to come down whenever we want, especially when a band is on.  My husband and I are both members and just love it here" 

— S.L.


Loved by locals and travellers